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Unlock your full potential.

Leadership coaching and resilience training for individuals, teams and organisations.

Flippin Minds

If nothing was stopping you, how far could you reach?

Flippin Minds Leadership Coaching and Resilience Coaching unlocks potential in individuals, teams and organisations. 


Perform at your best - without the sacrifices.

Take the next steps as a leader and empower your people to be the best they can be.

Develop the ability for your team to work effectively to drive performance, value and productivity.​

Make high performance sustainable in your life without sacrificing your wellbeing​.



What our friends say about us.

I've had the pleasure of working with Ulrika on several occasions. She has so many strengths but one I truly appreciate is her unique way of helping see things from completely new angles, invaluable when new perspectives are essential. She comfortably provides an arena where trust and new thoughts thrive, much aided by her empathetic and inspiring nature. I recommend anyone who is stuck in their start up process to get in touch with her!

Ulla Moberg
Owner, Equicross consulting

Ulrika has given me the confidence to trust myself and believe in my ideas and views as a business leader and how to get to where I want to be. She’s also accomplished to give me a push in the right direction for my well being. Thank you!

Johan Brink
CEO and Partner

Ulrika was my life coach for a couple of months and thanks to her guidance and very wisely selected questions I can proudly say that I have realised what makes me happy, where I want to be and what I want to work with. She inspired me to see what changes I need to make on a very profound level to be successful and happier. I have changed my lifestyle. I’ve started to exercise. I realised how to deal with stressful situations. I have learned how to break my bad habits, how to set motivational and achievable goals, and where I should put the line between work and private life. 

Teo Petkovic
Learning & Development Business Partner

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