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See the effect of your daily choices.

Firstbeat Life connects the dots between your body’s reactions and daily activities. It turns stress, recovery, sleep and exercise data into actionable insights – inspiring positive lifestyle changes.

Firstbeat Life helps you thrive, feeling the best you can. 

While coaches inspire and keep motivation levels high, tracking your own stress levels will help you on your journey to a more balanced life.

The Firstbeat Life assessment explores your lifestyle habits, uncovers your blindspots, and will help you identify and understand daily stressors. How do your daily choices have an impact on your wellbeing? Becoming aware of and understanding this will make making small changes toward a more balanced day-to-day life easier.

By monitoring your stress response, you’ll be able to improve your wellbeing, find a healthy balance and boost your performance. Discovering the cause and reactions of stress is a key factor when it comes to managing stress. You’ll understand the factors that affect your sleep and learn how to improve the restorative effect. You’ll also discover if you get enough physical activity and how to exercise according to your fitness level. 

Firstbeat Life -  Stress Measurement Device


Personalised advice and goal-setting.

During the resilience programme you will have full a subscription to the Firstbeat Life App, service and measuring. You’ll get personalised advice and goal-setting that will work for you. Firstbeat Life helps you thrive, feeling the best you can.

Find physical and mental balance, one small change at a time.

Record your body’s reactions

Monitor your responses with your reliable sensor using HRV analysis and 3D motion tracking.

Learn from data

Get inspired and boost your knowledge through data-based, personal insights.

Make positive changes

Take small but actionable steps towards a full and balanced life. 

Woman using  the Stress Measurement Device Firstbeat Life
Woman using  the Stress Measurement Device Firstbeat Life

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