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This is the latest neuroscience in a single assessment. The Personal Resilience Indicator (PRI) assessment creates awareness of the different aspects that drive resilience and identifies the first steps to unlocking transformation.

Insight driven, development focused.

The Personal Resilience Indicator, PRI, bring together the latest neuro-psychobiology in a single assessment.

The PRI makes progress visible. It serves as a roadmap to guide, measure and accelerate progress, and provides a holistic picture of an individual’s current level of resilience, which can be trained with targeted, evidence-based exercises and techniques. 

The PRI assessment will allow you to assess and develop your resilience throughout the programme, giving you a launchpad for your own personal growth. You will find that physical and mental wellbeing — and at the same time, performing at your best — is both possible and sustainable.  


What our PRI friends say about us.

I really enjoyed my experience with the resilience assessment. I found the combination of the questionnaire with the discussion and self-evaluation a great way to marry the science of the tool with the reality of what I was experiencing. Ulrika has a beautiful way of getting analytical thinkers out of their heads and into their hearts. She helped me to explore what I was experiencing in a deeply connected way rather than “logic-ing” my way through.

Rebecca Withnall 

The PRI assessment together with the coaching is a fantastic process where I as the client am supported to explore my current level of resilience in a creative way. It was a big surprise having completed the assessment to get such a deep sense of some of the barriers and emotions that were underneath.  This process has given me a fresh perspective on where to put my energy going forward. It was done in a safe space with true mastery as only Ulrika can give.

Sonya English

The PRI was incredibly eye-opening, and the method was very comprehensive and accurate. It has increased my awareness of what resilience actually involves and it was incredibly valuable to get a clear framework of it. I will take this with me in any part of my life in the future, whether it's in my personal or professional. I would strongly recommend the PRI assessment for anyone who is feeling stuck and need guidance Ulrika's easy-going personality encourages a natural way of coaching, which lead me to find answers within me I didn't know existed. 

Sofie Falck

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